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Member of Board | Partner
Ingelin Finstad Zakariassen

Zakariassen is among the company's latest team members and comes from Gravdal in Lofoten.


She has previously worked as a security controller in aviation, and studies now at the educational institution of nurse next to her involment to the company.

Zakariassen is the affiliated with the corporates department of real estate and property, and assist clients throughout whole processes.

In addition of being a partner, Zakariassen holds the function of board member and is therefor a part of the control committee for the holding corporates management team.

Member of Board | Partner
Tone Finstad-Steira

Finstad-Steira from Lofoten's South side of Finstad is a specialist within podiatry and educated subsequently. Her years of engagement has given her a solid brand through the company of podiatry ''Tones Fotklinikk'' in which she owns and operates. 


Finstad-Steira regularly presents projects for the company's Board of directors for public and private initiatives through structuring processes. In addition, she provides assistance with day-to-day operations and has a widly experience in accounting through her own firm.

In addition of being partner, Finstad-Steira is also a part of the companys board of Directors and is therefore also a part of the control holding corporates management team.

Corporate Director | Senior Partner
Ketil Finstad-Steira

Finstad-Steira from Gravdal is educated at the Police Academy in Oslo. He has a long and wide experiance in law and legislation. He has in-depth knowledge of different aspects as of investigation, readiness and crime prevention.


Finstad-Steira has been working for the Norwegian government for 25 years. Today, he is a police station manager at Vagan municipality and works with wide range police jurisdictions and government regulations of law.

With his master degree in management, Finstad-Steira holds the position of Corporate Director leading the executive management team, and is responsible of the corporations internal control for compliance with board proceedings. 

Chief Executive Officer | Senior Partner
Jonas Eriksen

Eriksen is educated at The Sea Captain Academy of Gravdal in Lofoten. After several years of education, Eriksen majored in the maritime industry starting as a junior deck seafarer at a cargoship. Later on, he gained valuable experience working at passangers ships, both ferries and cruise ships across the seas.


Upon graduation in 2014, Eriksen made a fast career starting as a Chief Officer at a one of Norway’s greatest ferrycompanies. In the recent years, he has been sailing overseas as a Deck Officer for the prestigious cruising company Norwegian Cruise Line LTD.

In addition of being senior partner, Eriksen is a part of the companys board of directors. With his field of expertise as Chief Executive Officer, Eriksen is in charge of leading the corporation taking high-level decisions.

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