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In 2017, three friends of each other decided that possible investments in the real property marked in Lofoten seemed both interesting and challenging. The increasing shortage of residential objects in the area incited a project group to prepare management plans for what was to become a new real estate company in the beautiful Lofoten area. The goal was decided to be simple: to help ensure the region's growth through increased housing supply.

However, establishing a real estate company from scratch, proved to be demanding. The company was in danger of running aground several times as a result of financial deficiency in the start-up phase, and the ambitious plans as such made potentially interested parties raise their eyebrows.

After several rounds of negotiations with invited participants, two solutions emerged. Either the share capital had to be arranged for; in the contrary case the company idea would turn out to be history before it had even started.

In other words, the answer was simple as to the question. - We didn't have any choices, and so it happened. The three initiators expanded to four, and the start-up company took over the first five homes in the village of Gravdal in Lofoten during the summer of 2019.

The general idea behind Lofoten Islands LTD, is to contribute to a positive growth and development economically in the region. Furthermore, the objective of the enterprise is to create a supplementary service to the municipalities in the region that meets with the vision of increased travelling, economic growth and increasing needs for housing in the district areas of Northern Norway.



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